Schedule a Reiki Session With a Reiki Master

Take your mind on a relaxing vacation with Joy of Life Unlimited/Peace Love and Reiki in Casper, Wyoming. Through Reiki sessions, we help you release blockages so you can create a strong and free-flowing energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki stems from the Japanese words "rei" (universal life) and "ki" (energy). It defines the life force energy that flows through humans and all other living things. Everything in the world is made of energy, including our bodies.  When we get stressed, good stress, bad stress, our bodies can’t tell the difference and it forms blockages in our energy.  When our energy is blocked, we get sick or can experience physical or emotional problems.  Reiki gently breaks loose those blockages.  When your energy can flow smoothly again, your body can heal itself.


Our Reiki Packages

At Joy of Life Unlimited / Peace Love and Reiki, we offer two different packages. You can choose from:

  • One-Hour Reiki Session - We focus on clearing energy blockages so your body can heal itself. The process is relaxing and helps with stress and pain relief.
  • One-Hour Reiki Plus Session – In these sessions, you will receive the same relaxing Reiki energy as a regular session, but we also share the messages from your spiritual guides and angels.

Speak With a Reiki Master

Every session we conduct is in a safe and confidential environment that promotes healing and relaxation. To speak to one of our Reiki masters, call (307) 315-3610 today.