Why choose us?

When you need a Reiki Master in Casper, WY, reach out to Donna from Joy of Life Unlimited / Peace Love and Reiki. People choose Donna as their preferred energy worker and teacher because:

  • She's been in the energy industry for 30+ years
  • She has a PhD in Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling
  • She's a certified EFT Advanced practitioner
  • She's a certified hypnosis practitioner
  • She is an ordained minister
Realign your mental, physical and spiritual energy. Contact an experienced energy worker today to schedule your session.

Do You Feel Lost on Your Spiritual Journey?

Turn to an energy healer with over 30 years of experience.

Rid Your Body of Negative Energy Blocks

Experience Reiki in Casper, WY to help reestablish your body's natural energy flow

If you've recently suffered from a physical injury or emotional trauma, Joy of Life Unlimited / Peace Love and Reiki might be able to help you find the relief you're looking for. We offer a variety of energy healing services in Casper, WY.

You can count on our energy workers for:

Our top priority is to help you eliminate negative blocks of energy to enable relaxation and symptom relief. Call 307-315-3610 now to speak with a Reiki Master.

Promoting Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Alignment

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